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Sales and Distribution

The new sales model consolidates the idea of specialized privileges for trusted wallets, thereby limiting hoarding of NFTs to a broader extent. By developing a fair and community-friendly model, we make the process more driven and engaging, ensure customer gratification and prompt higher value.
Buffer Period
Lock-Up Period
Wallet Selection


NFT Distribution

How will the Sale work?


Connect ZilPay wallet


Obtain a DeMon during the sale


Admire them in Demon Jar


Level up and enjoy


Reinventing NFTs

DeMonVerse introduces a combination of digital art and collectibles with the entire network set by both the creators and consumers. Unlike other collectibles, where the makers determine the rarity of all features, we have added two layers of scarcity: supplying a set of traits to provide basic advice to the customer, but also giving rise to many implicit traits that are unaccounted for. Above all, the control over the rarest of all traits – the name – is given to the full extent to the consumer.
666 exclusive hand-drawn collectible Avatars artwork
Random incentivised fair distribution sold on step-curve
Limitless commercial usage rights allotted to the Devils over their owned DeMons
Gamification of NFTs by unlocking NFT privileges through leveling up
Introduction of Community Rating through the proceedings of Devil's Court
Rare collectible artwork to be traded on the platform’s exclusive marketplace
Rewards Earned

100 DMZ

Yield rewards for holding

"SOW your NFTs & REAP big rewards."
Your DeMons will earn for you simply by laying in your wallet.

The DeMons use DeFi to yield you rewards. The first of its kind, these NFTs come with their end-to-end financial ecosystem. All you need to do as the owner is, hold and level up your NFTs furthermore claim rewards (in the form of $DMZ) periodically.

Level Up Your Demons.

When you want your NFT to stand out, you level it up. Leveling Up is a process in which you can unlock various benefits and perks by leveling up your NFT.

Every level unlocks different privileges like voting rights, name changing, and many more. Leveling up also increases the resale value of your NFT.


Demons NFT visual
Demons NFT visual

Demons NFT visual

Community Ratings

Unlike other platforms, the concept of Community Rating is introduced to eliminate the condition of Single NFT Autocracy by updating the pre-attained ratings once in a quarter from democaratic voting process.

Community Rating will help the DeMon owners in identifying the rarity/popularity of the respective NFT. The higher the community rating, the rarer the NFT will be.

Name your DeMons

Once you purchase an NFT, you can name it! As an owner, you will be part of the blockchain fabric forever. Possessing a piece of recherché art (your NFT) helps you prepare for a thorough digital economy- by giving you an ageless digital identity.
Demons NFT visual

Resale Marketplace

In the pursuit of making everything conveniently available at one place for our buyers; we introduce to you DeMonverse’s very own marketplace- so that no buyer/seller/traders has to go elsewhere.

Avoid the extra fees and hassle of other platforms.

Devil's Court

Devil’s Court is the platform’s own voting/governance portal intended to give gamified experience to the community with help of a quadratic voting mechanism. The court will open once a quarter for voting over a vast number of listed NFTs.

It will be live voting and will decide the community rating of each listed NFT and the future of DeMonverse based on the votes cast by the fellow devils.

The Specs

The DeMons are stored as ZRC-2 tokens on the Zilliqa blockchain and hosted on IPFS.
Gamification constructed utilities around the NFTs, giving them abilities beyond Avatars.
A much more fairer way of sale and distribution.
To interact with DeMonverse, Our cheeky devils will need to be signed into their ZilPay Wallet.

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