Here is something about sagas and stories: when everything else crumbles, stories persevere.
stories survive.
This is the story of DeMonverse, and it begins the same way stories often do: with a bang.
The birth of DeMons can be traced to the creation of Zilliverse which was formed when the shards on the Zilliqa blockchain collided. These shards travelling at godspeed led to an explosion. Boom! And in the aftermath of that bang, a new metaverse spawned: The DeMonverse.
Comprising various species and countries, DemonVerse is an ever-expanding force of nature with mystery’s hidden in every nook and corner. It consists of super-advanced species and traditions that are preserved and passed down centuries after centuries. It has towering mountains and everlasting plains but most of all DemonVerse is an ever-evolving hub of multiple species, an amalgamation of nations and its inhabitants that continue to survive and strive against all odds.

A planet called Zion

If you ever visit Zion, the most common story you’ll be told is the story of the making of the planet. It begins with the days when Zion was a barren planet devoid of land and life and it ends with ballads sung about glorious civilisations
The core of Zion is made out of pure zil shards-- a rare, mystical element. The zil shards lay inert for billions of years until intelligent species begin to emerge. It took these species another thousand years to finally harness zil shards.
Home to a diverse variety of species, Zion is no stranger to conflicts. Countless wars have been fought between these species over the possession of zil, making it an element of great socio-economic importance. While some species are immune to the effects of zil shards, it is a god-like element to others because it elevates their natural strength.
But even as the inhabiting species clamour and fight for dominance and importance, the steady thrum of life continues on Zion. Its inhabitants keep dreaming, foraging, making fortunes and just as easily losing it. But Zion never stops spinning. It never stops being alive.

the monsters of zion

Currently, Zion is inhabited by five species. Two among them-Godzilliqa and Cryptoapes-are known to us.

The Godzilliqans are capable of wielding magic-like powers allowing them to harness the natural elements of the planet. Stuck on the precipice of new and old ways, Godzilliqans are pure, raw potential.

Cryptoapes may not have any such inherent magical ability but they are capable of achieving unbelievable power by harnessing zil shards found on the planet.

The rest three species lie hidden, holding their breath waiting to be found.
The Sharded
Jungle of the
The Cybermyths
The Atlanteans


Godzilliqa Shard

Godzilliqa is a country forged out of contradictions- of technology that seems to be evolving at breakneck speed, co-existing with customs that date back centuries. These have been preserved and carefully passed down generation after generation.

It is a country of enormous wealth, and crumbling slums. Of magic-wielding families and bombs that are made to detonate before they ever hit the ground.

And much like any other civilization, Godzilliqa is a nation forged out of war and peace. Of love and hope, and destruction and deaths.

But above all, it is a nation that preserves. Brick by brick. From war to wealth.



Sharded jungle

of the


What moves you to create? To strive? To survive against all odds. Maybe it's hope, or ambition or lunacy, or desire. Or perhaps it's an explicable force, this wild, reckless urge to never give up, never lay down.

t is this inexplicable urge that has helped the cryptoapes survive. They have seen great empires rise and fall. They have fought battles and forged civilizations. They have pillaged and had their homes burned to ash and dust.

And they have risen up again and again. This species might be tucked in the corner of DeMonverse in a galaxy far, far away, but they aren't all that different from us. What drives us, drives them too: life and death. Greed and hope. Violence and peace. And an inexplicable urge to never give up, no matter the odds.




The CyberMyths are ideological, stubborn, and a bit egotistical. They worship the five elements and the founder of their realm, Ezekiel. They have a holier-than-thou attitude and hate using the zil shards.
They believe in harnessing their natural powers and preserving the planet for posterity. They wish to use the zil shards only for medicinal purposes or emergencies. So, they often clash with other species because of their ideological differences.

The CyberMyths aren't concentrated in a specific part of Zion but spread across the planet. They never found enough stretch of land for the entire species to settle down. Their physio types depend on the family they belong to and where they live.

Being constantly surrounded by various species has made them particularly vigilant while draining their treasury. CyberMyths operate as a unit quite efficiently, with an elaborate system of spies, bribery, and secret routes. They are further categorized into families, each resembling some monster you've already heard of. CyberMyths might be different on the surface but are united by their core beliefs.




Inhabitants of the Kingdom of Sea, Atlantians were once a prosperous nation who are currently suffering from a series of bad leadership. While they have a monarchial form of government, scheming forces are always conspiring to take down the royal family, and while all may look good from the outside in the royal court, trouble is always a heartbeat away.
With a glorious past full of riches, breathtaking monuments and vivid literature they are a proud species who believe that the wheel of time would turn and they would once again come to dominate the world. Till then Atlantians just have to wait and bid their time.

Atlanteans are indifferent to zil shards but are highly suspicious of outside species. This has often led to small skirmishes with other species and Atlantians becoming even more distrustful of anyone that is not one of their own.

Filled with magic, mysteries, Kings and nobles Kingdom of Sea is as fascinating as it is dangerous. Comprised of various families, Atlantians form a society made up of wealthy royals, scheming nobles, a dwindling middle class, tricksters, magicians and much more. Full of turmoils and revolutions, Atlantians have seen it all.

Atlanteans have an abundance of resources as compared to their population but much of this wealth and prosperity is concentrated in the hands of a few elites leading to wealth inequality and is the reason why the monarchy faces revolting and anger from the general public. So far though, the monarchy has managed to hold its power.

With grand dynasties that have ruled for centuries and revolutions that threaten to topple them, the Kingdom Of Sea is turbulent and full of mysteries that lurk behind the nation's extravaganza and opulence.



Despite what you have seen, a lot inside Zion remains a mystery. There are still species lurking around, slient and deadly, and unknown to everyone. Become a part of DeMons and join the league of adventures who strive to uncover the secrets of deMonverse.